Lake Watch 
               Lake Martin
Lake Watch Test Sites Lake Martin and Tallapoosa Watershed
Site 001: Horseshoe Bend Park Boat Ramp, Tallapoosa River
Site 002: Elk's Lodge, Lake Martin
Site 003: Bay Pine Island, Lake Martin
Site 004: Camp Alamisco, Lake Martin
Site 005: Kowalinga (Elmore County), Lake Martin
Site 006: Coley Creek, Alex City
Site 007: Smith Landing Old Susanna Road, Lake Martin
Site 008: StillWaters
Site 009: City Boat Ramp, south of Coley Creek Road
Site 010: Rain Tree, Elkahatchee Creek
Site 027: Lakeview Road, Lake Martin
Site 028: Sunset Cove, Lake Martin
Site 029: Harbor Point Marina, Lake Martin
Site 030: Barron's Bridge, Blue Creek at Lake Martin
Site 031: Bankers Cove, Lake Martin

(air temp., water temp., dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, hardness, turbidity, and Secchi disk visibility)

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