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               Lake Martin
Lake Watch Test Sites Lake Martin and Tallapoosa Watershed


07001003 Lake Martin, Bay Pine Island
07001005 Lake Martin, Elmore County Kowaliga
07001006 Lake Martin, City Boat Ramp Stowe Ferry Road
07001007 Lake Martin, Smith Landing
07001008 Lake Martin, Stillwaters
07001022 Lake Martin, Anchor Bay at Castaway
07001028 Lake Martin, Sunset Cove
07001030 Lake Martin, CR 39, Barrons Bridge - west side
07001041 Chattasofka Creek UT, Near Dadeville High School - East South St
07001042 Lake Martin, Paces Point Trail
07001043 Lake Martin, Dare Park Beach
07001046 Lake Martin, Marina Point Condo Dock by Blue Creek Marina
07001047 Lake Martin, Reutebuch Dock at 1732 River Oaks Drive

07001050 Little Sandy Creek at Tallapoosa CR 50 Bridge

07001051 Lake Martin, 84 Dogwood Circle Alex City
07001052 Tallapoosa River, at Gold Mine Rd
07001053 Sandy Creek, behind Sandy Creek Church off CR 49
07001055 Lake Martin, 156 Holly Ridge
07001056 Lake Martin, 511 Dead Timbers Rd
07001058 Lake Martin, dock at 401 Gatewood Dr.
07001059 Lake Martin, dock at 451 Old Still Road
07001060 Emuckfaw Creek, at AL HWY 49 Bridge near chicken farm
07001061 Timbergut Creek, at Tallapoosa CR 100 bridge near chicken farm
07001062 Crooked Creek,off Berwick Rd. below Shoals and Old Mill ruins, near chicken fasrm
07019002 Lake Martin, at Ridge Marina
07019003 Sandy Creek, end of Quail Lane Peninsula

Click here to access Water Chemistry Data for Lake Watch test sites. 

Click on Data by Table or Data by Map.

(For AWW Watershed, select Tallapoosa, then click on Data Type for chemistries or bacteria, then for Group, select Lake Watch of Lake Martin.  For chemistries, you will be able to view air temp., water temp., dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, hardness, turbidity, and Secchi disk visibility.  For bacteria, you will be able to see E.coli and other coli.)


07001001 Tallapoosa River, Horseshoe Bend National Military Park boat ramp
07001004 Lake Martin, Camp Alamisco
07001057 dock off Lakeshore Dr.

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